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Monday, 12 December, 19h – GRÜTLI cinemas

For December we are showing an exceptionally gripping and timely film which was actually made in 2011. Uncannily, it’s almost a mirror of the strength and bravery of young Iranian women battling for their freedom right now!

It tells the tale of two completely different women in Iran – one is the wife of a man in prison, working as a taxi driver to support her child while waiting for her husband to be released. The other is a rich man’s daughter who wants to become a boy. Produced and directed by women (Negar Azarbayjani), this work was the first to take up the subject of a transgender case.

Brilliantly directed and acted (Shayesteh Irani and Ghazal Shakeri), this film takes us into the stories of these two courageous women who connect their disparate lives in this thrilling road movie in which humanity and acceptance is what really counts.

A very modern film that should not be missed – make sure to come to the Grütli Cinemas at 19h on Monday, December 12th. A tempting Persian aperitif will be available from 18h.


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Dear Cinephiles,

come join us on Tuesday, September 13th – 19h, at our usual cinema Grütli for a special screening of one of Iranian director Jafar Panahi’s most personal films.

A taxi driver goes around Tehran, picking up various passengers. He has quite friendly and animated conversations with them. These are all sorts of people, from every class, with their diverse problems and tales, but the most precious of them all is a precocious little girl who has an answer to everything.

Nothing could be simpler than this, to film just snippets of lives in a taxi… And yet… and yet, there is a world of daring, intelligence, humor and courage in this semi-documentary from 2015, which took the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin film festival that year. For the director and driver of the taxi are both Jafar Panahi, one of Iran’s most esteemed filmmakers. Taxi Tehran actually epitomises much of what Panahi has been creating all along in his career – films with a deep caring for the lives of his people and the problems of his country. His many works, which have received multiple awards around the world, include The White Balloon, The Circle, Crimson Gold, Offside, This is Not a Film, etc…

You may have seen this film, but it is one to see again for all the special characters, the gentle look at his city and the humanity of Panahi.

We bow to his great talent.

NRI for the CCP

Tale of the see

Lundi 23 mai
aux Cinémas du Grütli

Dear cinephile,

Do come and join us for another Iranian movie at Grutli cinemas on Tuesday 12 April at 7.30 pm.

Here’s a modern Iranian quasi-comedy on a serious subject.
A group of friends gather at the weekend home of a man who may be dying of some illness. More about the problems and quirks of the friends rather than the main fellow who may be celebrating his last birthday, this film shows the various characteristics of today’s middle-aged, middle-class generation.
A mix of “The Big Chill” and “About Elly”, this film by first-time director, Soroush Sehat lays bare the hangups of a generation wavering between old customs and new trends.

Dear friends and loyal cinephiles,

Along with wishing you a fulfilling and healthy 2022, we have a fine start for our CCP season.
We will be screening for only one night the exceptional documentary, COUP 53, whose director Taghi Amirani will be our guest for a Q&A after this important film about a crucial moment in the modern history of Iran.

As you can gather from the title, it concerns the coup-d’état instigated by Britain and the U.S.A. in 1953 against Iran’s democratically-elected prime minister, Mohammad Mossadeg, who had managed to finally nationalize Iranian petroleum from the decades-long control of the British.

Amirani has mounted a thorough exploration of all sides of this history-bending event through in-depth interviews with those who had intimate connections with the affair, re-created some of the happenings and even brought in actor Ralph Fiennes to play the key Englishman involved in the coup. This is both a factual and stunning expose.

As it is only for one evening and an exceptional film, please do reserve your tickets in advance on the Grütli Cinemas website, starting from this coming Monday.

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l’ « Iranian Film Festival Zurich ».

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Iranian Film Festival ONLINE due to uncertainties caused by the pandemic and the missing existence of a real fiesta experience. In 2020 the festival went online in a time when most festivals cancelled or postponed to a much further date. In this edition, the festival presents 12 feature and 17 short films in competition. These films will be judged under the eyes of prestigious jury members.

The 7th edition of the festival displays a selection of exceptional films from Iranians and other national filmmakers from Austria, Canada, UK, Greece, USA and across all generations showing many aspects of life in Iran as well as universal issues.

Founder & Artistic Director
Yadolah Dodge

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16 janvier


aux cinémas du Grütli

Bomb, a Love Story

Payman Maadi – Iran – 2018 – vost – 96′ – Couleurs

En 1988, au plus fort de la guerre entre l’Iran et l’Irak, Téhéran est bombardé sans relâche. Dans ces jours sombres, l’amour, l’affection, l’espoir et la vie elle-même parviennent malgré tout à dissiper la peur de la mort. L’amour peut souvent être difficile à comprendre, mais la mort est une terrible certitude. Bomb, A Love Story montre comment, même face à l’obscurité de la mort, l’amour et l’espoir trouvent toujours un chemin.

Titre original : Bomb, yek asheghaneh
Réalisation : Payman Maadi
Scénario : Payman Maadi
Image : Mahmoud Kalari
Musique : Eleni Karaindrou
Avec : Leila Hatami, Payman Maadi, Siamak Ansari, Habib Rezaei, Mahmoud Kalari
Durée : 96′
Pays : Iran
Année : 2018
Genre : Drame
Langue du film : Perse, Anglais
Version : vost